Alpha & Omega

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Jesus said four times, I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” (Revelation 1:8,11; 21:6; 22:13)

For us humans, the Alpha or the beginning is Genesis 1 – The Creation.

If we can “prove with theories” (theories that are not based on scientific facts) that creation is but an allegory, or is only a Sunday school story for little children, like Santa Claus. Then we have eliminated the beginning side of the net that will bring in the fish.


Next, for us as believers,  is the Omega or the endThe Rapture or the Lord’s Return. (Matthew 24, 2Thessalonians 2, Mark 13, etc. & Revelation)

If we can “prove with other theories” that Jesus was wrong about the rapture, when he said “after the tribulation” and make it before, then when Jesus does not come before the tribulation, many will fall away, as by then our faith is so much undermined and weakened by all the theories about the Alpha and the Omega, about God and his word. Consequently the net of God’s Kingdom has lost its strength and drawing power for those of us that go for the theories, rather than God’s Word, the Bible.

But we say, ‘These theories were written by important people, people of standing in the community, theologians, scientists, church leaders, doctors, Christian pastors, professors, Phd’s, etc.’

Sorry to disappoint you, because anybody can write a theory about what happened in the beginning, or what will happen and when the Lord will return: before or after the tribulation,or anytime now. Except they seem to forget that God’s Word stands. “Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35)

Richard Rohr said, “God refuses to be a study object for intellectuals, but reveals Himself to those that enter into a relationship of love and submission.”  Jesus said “You have hidden these things from the wise and sensible, and have revealed them unto little people: for so it seemed good to you, Father.” (Luke 10:21)

Is He still the Alpha and Omega for us? “When the Son of man comes, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8), or will it all be gone to the wind, with the theories and “the wisdom of this world, which is such foolishness to Him.” (ICorinthians 3:19)

“The Father seeks those that worship Him in spirit and truth” (John 4:23)


Educate Yourself

For those interested in the Alpha, study “In the Beginning . . . then What?” (used by  which is a heated court case dealing with questions concerning our origins; the dinosaurs, ice-periods, fossils, natural selection, theory of relativity, carbon dating, quantum physics, and how it all comes together. A must-read for anyone interested in our origins, in order to determine an intellectual, factual and science-based, personal opinion. . . . . .  click here for pdf-FREE DOWNLOAD


For those interested in the Omega, the Lord’s Return, please take time study “The Little Book”  (used by as this gives a scriptural alternative to the many confusing theories about the Rapture and Lord’s second coming.

click here for pdf-FREE DOWNLOAD


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    After having seen your site and agreeing with most of your presentations in there, I would like to make my books available to be published on your site as per your request, with a simple acknowledgement of ‘used by permission’ and link to my personal site, ‘’

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