Branding the Slaves

Do I want to hear this?

This is worse than Orwellian 1984

“He that reads this, let him understand.” (Mat.24:15)

“They that understand among the people shall instruct many” (Daniel 11:33)

“Know therefore and understand” (Daniel 9:25)

Here we see the modern slaves no longer controlled by chains, but by heavier chains of finances and debts.

.“Therefore, let my advice be acceptable to you: Renounce your sins by doing what is right, and your wickedness by showing mercy to the exploited.” (Daniel 4:27)Of course the king did not listen and went stark raving mad for 7 years.


Soon the ID-branding will be enforced.

The Orwellian “Freedom is Slavery – Slavery is Freedom” Citizen is now becoming reality!

220px-world_citizen_badge-svgIt all happens under the cloak of: Global citizenship, Liberty, Brotherhood, Equality, Scientific progress, Universal peace, Economic stability, and to Fight Corruption, Terrorism, Drug-trade, Kidnapping, Religious fanaticism, etc.,

We are now “free, secure” world citizens and we don’t realize that we are enslaved. Refusing to be RFID-chip branded means the death sentence.

Questioning our Slave master (the World Leader) makes us an “Enemy of the State” Our moves are monitored, our communication scrutinized.

With RFID-(Radio Frequency Identification) there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide! No more runaway slaves. Instant tracking. Truth has become lie, and Lie has become truth.

Here is the branding with the RFID chip. Much less painful than the past, but much more efficient – No more run-away slaves!

Branding the Slave master’s Mark..The modern branding will be less painful, but the mark much more efficient. No more runaway slaves, as you will be tracked instantly.

All, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, will receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And no man will be able to buy or sell, except those that have the mark of the beast.” (Rev.13:16,17)

While the whole world is swept of its feet and is starstruck by the Antichrist, our new world leader sets up the world’s worst tyranny ever known since the beginning of world history.


Mankind enslaved through financial control.

The chains of the financial control are heavier than the Iron chains of the past, as all hope of freedom and escaping, by breaking the chains that bind us, is gone. Now we are slaves of the New World Order leader, the Antichrist, who has us in his clutches.


Local currencies and hard cash will be abolished and replaced by a worldwide credit-system.

Could the Bitcoin possibly be the forerunner of this?


Everyone will be controlled.

Either this, or RUN!

In the middle of these seven years, at the start of the Great Tribulation, the chip will not be solely for economic reasons, but it will also mean a denying of your faith in God. We will be forced to accept and worship the image of the Antichrist as our new god, or it means the death sentence.

We will be forced to worship Science and Technology by submitting to a talking puppet that we have made with our own hands and which can give us the death sentence if we don’t cooperate.

Now the consequences

Those that have the RFID implant will be getting grievous, painful, horrendous sores in their right hand and / or foreheads. The Lithium that is used in the battery will escape into the body, with the radiation of the nuclear war, that takes place at the end of the seven years.

Carl Sanders headed a team of scientists to develop the RFID-chip.He now actively campaigns against the RFID microchip and that we should not take it even if it becomes mandatory!

Be wise and inform yourself of the consequences before you make your decision.

There is alwaysThe Alternative!

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