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The four disciples of Jesus Christ who recorded his life on earth, each describing as they saw it – PDF









The following are complete Bibles with Old and New Testament – PDF
Old Testament is from our Origins, Creation, till before the time of Jesus.  
New Testament covers from the life of Jesus into what lies ahead. 
Modern English-PDF
Shakespeare English-PDF
What does God want? Converts from one religion to another, or something else?












The next four Books are by Johan Peters who gave us permission to publish these with the acknowledgement of ‘used by permission’ and the link to his site, ‘’.

Heated Court case concerning our origins, with Scientific Proof of Genesis – The ALPHA

Mr. Peters says, “It is my aim to strengthen the believers in their faith so t

Hard hitting questions about life from atheism to predestination to sex, divorce and polygamy
Scriptural alternative to the many theories about the Lord’s Return – The OMEGA
Basic study of Ancient writings in connection with our Future and how all is interlinked





                                                                                                  – The following are short studies that show Jesus as the ultimate fulfillment of these various religions –

Purush Prajapati and Moksha, show that Christ is the core of Hinduism
Startling Prophecy of the Buddha concerning the Holy One to come
‘Ruh-Allah’ and ‘Kalimatullah’, the Soul and the Word of God in Islam
These are pamphlets and and the page order is such that the last page is page No 1.