Heaven, Hell and In-Between

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What is Hell?

Seeing the immense love that God has for us, it is not viable to believe that he enjoys making a hot fire in which he fries us for our mistakes and keeps us there for eternity, even if we are sorry and seek him. That is not a God of love. “Forever and ever you will burn in hell”

That kind of god is the projection of our own hard and self-righteous, condemning attitude. Because we are like that, we think God is like that, but that does not mean that God is like that. God is love. He is not a hard boiled and unmerciful, cruel monster, as he is made out to be by some religious, pharisaical preacher. Jesus hated these kinds of people. Jesus came not “into the world to condemn us;” and send us to hell “but to save us” and take us to heaven. (John 3:17)


Then what is hell-fire?

Then what about this section where Jesus said three times: “Hell, where their worm dies not and the fire is not quenched”. (Mark 9:44,46,48)

Our life and our future life is the continuation of the decisions that we are making now, today. “Hell is where the fire is not quenched.” Did you ever start a fire? I mean a real fire, not just one with a match. But a fire of contention, a fire that burns within you, because you are so right and the other person is so wrong. The other person however feels the same and you break out into a fiery argument. “Behold how great a matter a little fire kindles. . . the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity”. (James 3:5,6)

We fly into a road rage, but here on earth our fire is quenched by the others in the car, and if not by them, then the police will quench your fire. Otherwise there will be a court order and your fire will be quenched in jail. Somehow here on earth our fires are quenched, or at least they are kept in check.

Now we come to a place where people’s fires are not quenched. Nobody puts a stop to these fires. All these fires of people being right, accusing and fighting to get justice and get even, because of the injustice they feel has been done to them. That is the hell fire that rages and burns you up, because that is what you want, that is what you see as justice.

We refuse to look to God, as we think that God is incapable of doing anything about it.

So just like on earth, we take matters in our own hand, without seeking God’s help. The saying “this just burns me up” will become a reality in the next life, as the physical will be removed. Our soul, the true us, will then be burning up in our own created flames and fires.

“Forget you, God!”

The facades of the physical will be gone and then there will only be the spiritual, which is the true reality. After this physical life, in the spiritual reality, the flames of fire will no longer be metaphorical, but actual flames of fire that we personally fan and keep going.

Hell is not a punishment. It is something that we want, that we choose, that we desire, because we cannot forgive. The following reasoning of, “Why should I call upon God to help me, this is something that I have to take care of and that I have to settle!” has blinded us, made us deaf and is burning us up.

God in his unending love for us gives us our desires.


Then what about these worms?

“Hell, where their worm dies not and the fire is not quenched”. Their worm dies not in hell. Did you ever bite in a fruit or seed with a worm inside? Yikes. You and me are now in this life like fruits and seeds.

Paul says when we die and go in the ground, then our little seed will develop into a plant or a tree after our kind of seed. (1 Corinthians 15:37,38)  If you are an apple seed you will become an apple tree, if you are a coconut then you will become a coconut tree etc. In other words we will still recognize each other, only much more beautiful. We have to protect our seed, because if a worm gets into the seed it will not grow, when it is put into the ground.

Now through our wrong decisions in this life, we have allowed the worms of pride, selfishness, hate, power-lust, etc., to get into our seed, and it has started eating away the inside. Sometimes you feel it eating away. “This just eats me up”, “I feel so rotten inside”. That feeling that your “insides are being eaten out”. That feeling will be there forever as these worms of selfishness or whatever worms you have that you want to keep, will not die.

However, when we in all sincerity call upon the Lord to save us, He will cleanse us from these worms. You see it is because we want those worms that they are there in the first place. Again the Lord in His amazing love for us, gives us what we want, what we desire, and these worms stay alive and die not.

God is not the one that sticks us into a raging fire or a can of worms… No we want it, we desire it, and He gives it to us.


Reserved the mist of darkness:

“To whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever”. (2 Peter 2:17) Is another verse that is used to panic people, because it is interpreted wrong.

However, when you want to go out for an evening you reserve a table in the place that you like. You like darkness in this life, it is simple, then you reserve your place in that darkness for the next life. Okay, your place is reserved, because you want it, you desire it, because you like darkness and your wish is fulfilled. “Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed”. (1 John 3:19,20)


Leave me alone

“Leave me alone, just leave me alone. Okay?!” Okay, we have a place for you too. Alone, just you. Be careful what you wish for.

Edgar Casey wrote the following: “After death, we may enter a region that is void of love, life, and light, void of everything. For some, this region is approximately their wish come true. Here they are truly alone with themselves. For some souls, this is a pain that is unbearable. In the absence of truth, love, gentleness, and kindness, some souls fill the void with an irrational and unbelievable amount of pain and fear. It is so dark in the realm of outer darkness that the darkness hurts and panic grips them without knowing why. One may find themselves in a particular degree of darkness that most closely corresponds to the degree of the absence of love in one’s life. Outer darkness is not a punishment. It is a region which operates lawfully for the benefit of those who are there. This realm is the creation or manifestation of their own collective activities. Outer darkness and the reality with which it is associated were created and are held in place by collective self-interest”.

In other words these places wouldn’t be there, if it was not for us wanting them to be there.

God does not throw you into outer darkness if you want the light. Never ever will He do that. Jesus says, “Whosoever comes to me I will in no wise cast out” (John 6:37) Don’t let anyone ever tell you anything else. God is Love and a ‘man’ of His word, and He cannot and will not break it. “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall never pass away!” (Matthew 24:35)



Beings of light

In his NDE (Near Death Experience) Dr. George Ritchie reports, “I was led to hell by Jesus and realized that there were ‘Beings of Light’ above each angry soul fighting others there. These beings were attending, watching over, and ministering to these souls although they were completely unaware of them”.


Forever and ever

“Everlasting hell-fire” is another one that will scare the living daylights out of anybody. However the original Greek language, in which the New Testament was written, uses the word αίων (aion), which meant “age,” or “a period of existence”, but was translated as ever. Forever and ever means for an age and an age. So the fire that is not quenched will be for a period of time, until we acknowledge the need of God in our life to save us and to change us to get us out of this hell. At which time the “beings of light” can go into action and guide us out of there.


The way out

As on earth we are so consumed with our personal misery, problems, selfishness, getting justice for whatever upsets us, that we are unaware of these little “Beings of Light” who are there to instruct us and help us the minute we realize that we need God.

Once we realize that we need God’s help then there is a way out even out of the deepest hell.

King David said, “The sorrows of hell compassed me about: the snares (trap/noose) of death prevented (barred/imprisoned) me. In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice.”  (Psalms 18:5,6,19) “For great is your mercy toward me: and you have delivered my soul from the lowest hell.” (Psalms 86:13)

The key is that we ask the Lord to change us personally, instead of everyone else around us, only then He can go to work and lead us out, and save us from our lowest hell.



Is heaven worth it, and do I have to go there?

In this afterlife we will still have a free choice. Howard Pitmann explains it like this when he had his NDE, “Those saints were admitted into the gates of Heaven one by one. I observed a strange thing that no two saints were permitted to enter at the same time. They entered one by one. I believe it’s kind of a salute or tribute to that individual’s will, their choice. Every individual that walks through those gates does so by their own choice, by their own will”.

In heaven is the light and love of God. People who have visited there all report that they never wanted to leave from there. – One reports, “there are no words to describe the beauty of Heaven and if we knew what awaits us in Heaven, there are no difficulties or trials that we experience that won’t be worth eternal life in Heaven.”  – Another writes, “something beyond description. . Your heart stands still when you look at it.”.  – Yet another says, “The trees, the meadows, the sky are totally different from anything we know on the earth. . . beautiful beyond any possible comparison . . . People were all round 30 years of age. .The first thing I noticed was the faces of the people there. . which showed how immensely happy they were.”

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him.”  (1Corinthians 2:9) 


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