How Much Are You Worth

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When we buy something; what has greater value in our eyes, the thing that we are buying, or what we pay for it? Obviously the thing that we are buying has more value in our eyes than what we pay for it, otherwise we would not buy it. Correct?

Jewish people are known to be good business men and they would not buy anything if the price was too high. Now Jesus was a Jew, He was a carpenter and knew the value of things.

He made no mistake when He bought you and me. This means that in God’s eyes, we are of higher value than the value that He puts on Himself. Now what did he pay for us? He paid dearly! Imagine hanging naked, nailed to a cross for hours, balancing your bodyweight on the nails pounded through your feet and wrists, gasping for breath.

Yet, He thought it was worth it to pay that price for us, so let’s never ever think that we are worthless, or that He not interested in us, or won’t hear us.

The question to us is, “Was it a good purchase, or did He get cheated?”


Lord be merciful, because we will never be able to live up to what you paid for us. Our feeble efforts of service are absolutely nothing compared to the price with which you purchased us. We are so incredibly thankful that you bought us. You are totally awesome. You take our breath away. Just thinking about You is a reward in itself.

Well, say Amen if you agree!

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