Sworn Secrecy to Evil?

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The Vortex of Evil?

Are you caught in the vortex of a social media challenge, like “The Blue Whale”? Are you a member of a secret society with satanic blood rituals? Have you sold out to religious terrorism? Are you going down the path of self-harm, or harming others and eventually suicide as there is no way out for you?  Are you too far into it and you have pledged your loyalty?

Do you see no way out as you or your family might be in danger? Do you feel in the clutches of Satan himself and you feel that if you don’t play along that it will be your end? Have you pledged to secrecy to not talk about this with anyone as they will forbid it or report it?

You have entered the kingdom of darkness in which seduction, depression, fear, mistrust, violence, disgust and foulness reigns under the king of darkness, Satan himself, who is allowed to have control of the darkness and authority over monsters in the pit of evil.  He can shoot solid bolts of darkness. . . .  Making people weak from fear at the prospect of him.

The Kingdom of darkness: has a dark gravitational field, which pulls everything in his close proximity into his terrifying whirlpool. It has the ability to suck beings into the swirling whirlpool of choking darkness.


No Escape?

Is there something inside of you that indicates that you made a mistake by getting into ‘the Blue Whale challenge’ and that what you did is wrong, and you are secretly searching for an escape hatch, a way out of this twisted suicide challenge, goading you into jumping.

Are you too far sucked into the vortex of evil and think you cannot anymore get out?

Then listen to this, this is a true account and taken from the life story of Jonas (ex-satanist)

“I served the devil (Satan) for 25 years, I was the representative of the third degree in the mystery of the air. . . .  Being at the service of Lucifer (Satan), I could represent him as a ghost. I had the power of metamorphosis . . . Being with the devil, I saw his glory, I saw his organization and I ended up concluding that the devil is powerful. Even today I recognize that the devil (Satan) is powerful, but Jesus is the Almighty, Jesus is above all things, He makes the devil and all his accomplices tremble. . . . . . .

I remember one day, we were in the world of “Tartarus”. We were in the middle of meeting with Lucifer. There was a satanist of Togo who had pronounced the name of Jesus by mistake and all of us who were in the room, fell on the ground, even Lucifer. Lucifer fell from his throne and found himself on the floor. Beloved, in the name of Jesus, every knee must bow and every tongue must confess that Jesus is Lord, including those of the devil. We do not have to fear the devil, if we are truly in a good relation with Jesus.”


The Blue Whale Challenge:

Read the story of how this rebel teen was swallowed by the whale and got out.


Zero Obligation

But you say, “I already sold my soul to Satan, now I cannot give it to Jesus anymore, or can I?”

Yes, you can. You can do it now, because Satan has gotten your soul under false pretense and lies, telling you that: filth is clean, his opponent who defeated him he smears to be a weak religionist, self-harm is respect for self, disgusting perversions are love, killing is cool, it is better to be a slave of his choking darkness than being a freeman in the light, and of course suicide is the ultimate challenge of life. Absolute sick, filthy lies and vomit from Satan himself, so you have zero obligation to him, because “he is a murderer, a liar and the creator of lies and there is no truth in him.”  (John 8:44) So tell him that you lied to him when you sold your soul and that you are giving him some of his own medicine!

However none of us is stronger than Satan, so give your heart, soul and mind to Jesus and you will be safe, because Satan’s threatening bluffs of, “You’ll never get out!” cannot do anything against you, if you truly give yourself to Jesus Christ. He is the Champ, His light destroys any darkness no matter how powerfully evil. His love is the most powerful force on earth. Hate cannot break its power, but His love breaks any spell and curse of hate.

Watch this 7 minute clip of how to handle Satan’s curses by Graham Cooke.


Isn’t suicide the final solution?

Some do it to spite or hurt others, but they end up hurting only themselves. The late actor Robin Williams said, ‘Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.’ But is it?

The following was told by Sandy Rogers who could not handle life anymore because of the difficulties and pain she faced.

One day she took her pistol and shot herself in the heart. She committed suicide.

However she encountered an interesting turn of events that after she had left her physical body, she communicated with a loving female being, who spoke with her. Sandy explains, “There was this unconditional love. I was told, ‘you can stay here or go back. If you stay, you are going to have to go through everything that brought you to this point.’ I knew that I did not want to go through that again. There is no way to escape that if you try to kill yourself and you succeed, then somehow you will have to go back and live your life from the beginning and you will have to go on from the point where you killed yourself also, so you are not escaping.”

Sandy was mercifully allowed to come back to her body, to live out her full life and to tip us off about what’s ahead. . .


What is the reason for this life that I hate?

Aristotle said: “It is not because we are strong in character, that we make the right decision –  It is because we make the right decision, that we become strong in character.”

Our life on earth is to test our character, to see what decisions we will make. Once we learn certain things we go on to the next grade. Our learning in life and our problem solving, becomes a kick and a buzz. We each have an individual on/off switch, which is our personal freedom of choice. Will I yield to the positive, and switch off the negative? If you do that, then Jesus will help you and give you the strength to take care of the aftereffects and consequences. Life becomes a thrill instead of a curse.

Now is your time to break out. That is the decision that only you can make. No one can make it for you, not God nor Satan. That is the freedom of choice that is given to each individual. Do it now as tomorrow might be too late when you are back under Satan’s spell, falling into that vortex of depression and being preoccupied to end it all. You will regret it for eternity.



A prayer.

“Dear Jesus, if you really are stronger than Satan, then by this I humbly ask that you break the chains of darkness that try to imprison and strangle me and that you please pull me out of that vortex of evil that is pulling me in and sucking the life out of me. I ask that you forgive me for going over to the dark side, as I want to live in love and light and be freed from those tentacles of evil, that horrible spiders web that I foolishly allowed myself to get into. I want to experience your love. Dear Jesus please come into my heart, my soul and cleanse me totally from the demonic influences and voices and give me your gift of eternal life.”

Study and memorize the most comprehensive and effective prayer, (in the bold italic font) that Jesus taught His followers.

“Our Father in heaven (The Father is the amazing Energy from where love and all life originates), I deeply respect your name, (Because you are the greatest Force of love) your kingdom come (where love and forgiveness reign, the kingdom that will come and be established)your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (In other words: You are the Master of the Universe and in absolute, total, 100% control)

Give us today our daily bread. (That is all we should ask for – no lists.)

Yes, You did it!

Forgive us our sins, as we also forgive those who have sinned against us. (Here Jesus puts the responsibility back on us – we forgive, we will be forgiven – we don’t forgive, we won’t be forgiven, simple as that.)

And lead us not into temptation, (Help me not to be tempted by, i.e.; the debt trap, greedy lust, fake holiness, perversions, horror, violence, power craze, abortion, self-harm, suicide, etc.) but deliver us from the evil, (deliver me from the black, evil whirlpool, that is sucking me in through depression, fear, pride and selfishness) for yours is the kingdom (that I belong to and yearn for) and the power (that is why I choose you and your protection and put my faith and trust in you) and the glory (I see a tip of it when I look at nature) forever. Amen.” (I affirm, so be it!) (Matthew 6:9–13)


You can read more about Jesus, His amazing wisdom put in simple words and how He defeated Satan and broke the chains of darkness, in the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John



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    Thank you for this Article, it is an eye opener. Satan is at work because its kingdom is going to end very soon. As people of God we have great responsibility to fight. The devil has already lost the battle.

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