The Trinity and the Egg

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On the subject of the Trinity there are multiple theological tomes and books written. You already get a headache just looking at the sheer volume and sizes of them.

Dr. Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”

Many secrets and parallels are hidden in nature for us to discover. For instance, we clearly see our life’s parallel in the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Right now we are like the caterpillar that feeds of things around us. Our life seemingly ends as we enter into our chrysalis, resembling our coffin. It is hard for us, as caterpillars, to see beyond this point and to grasp, depending on the decisions we made in our life as caterpillars, that we will metamorphose either into a beautiful, pollinating angelic-butterfly or ugly demon-moth.


Three years ago I was speaking to a Muslim lady from Iran, who had married a Christian man. This had brought its share of difficulties. She also could not reconcile with the idea of God being one and yet three.

She said that one day at the breakfast table she had a revelation and suddenly it was perfectly clear.

It was right in front of her: The egg!!!

She explained, ‘When we see the egg, we see One Egg, just like we see God/Allah as One.

He is not two or three eggs; no, God/Allah is one, absolutely singular and not plural.

Yet when we take a closer look at the egg, we see that the egg is in three parts: The egg-yolk in the centre, the egg-white surrounding the yolk under the shell, and finally the egg-shell, which we see.’


What the theologians, the Phd’s and professors, cannot figure out the Lord revealed to a simple housewife.

The egg symbolizes Creation, New Life, Spring and Hope and other life-bringing, Godlike qualities for mankind.

The egg-yolk, symbolizes God the Father in the centre, from whom life springs forth. He, like the yolk, is hidden from our sight.

The egg-white with its nutritional value signifies the Holy Spirit who feeds us, and yet, is also hidden from our sight.

The egg-shell gives form to the egg and is visible to us as humans. The shell denotes Jesus as he is the outward manifestation to mankind of God’s hidden, life-bringing qualities.

All three parts of the egg are completely different from each other in composition and substance, yet with one of the three components missing the egg would not be complete to bring forth life.



The shell has to be broken in order for us to have access to the egg, so Jesus was broken, or crucified, for us to have access to God. Jesus was broken out of love for us so we, like him, could have direct access and be in close communication with the overwhelming love of the Holy Spirit and the Father Himself.

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